Part 1: Baltimore City – Case Study

Going full gut on McCulloh property!

Here’s a triplex that we’re rehabbing on McCulloh St in Baltimore city. Each apartment is a one large bedroom, one bath, one large kitchen and a living room. Going full gut on McCulloh property! We acquired this triplex in an upcoming neighborhood in Baltimore with the intention of offering great apartments. From our initial visit we wondered why this property was not condemned because we knew that there were some major safety issues. The first floor bathtub was sinking through the floor and the kitchen floor was very springy so we stayed close to the walls. The second floor’s kitchen “addition” was done above the 1st floor’s deck and was also sinking. The biggest surprise was yet to come in the basement. It was a scary sight…What were those poles doing there? Holding the ceiling? No it couldn’t be that, they were aligned from the front to the back of the basement in 2 lines. The inspection confirmed that those poles were added as a quick fix to sustain the first floor from collapsing. The floor structure will need to be replaced because of possible termite issues. With that in mind we went working on this property with a team of designer, architect, structural engineer and licensed general contractor. The major milestones for this project will be the inspections done at different stages of the redevelopment.