Fire Damage in Greenbelt, MD- Hayden’s Story

by | May 30, 2022 | Blog

Fire damage can be devastating and happen quickly. Something as simple as forgetting to extinguish a candle before bed can lead to a fire starting in your home. There are also hidden risks that can factor into a house fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the top causes of house fires are cooking, heating, electrical, smoking, and candles.

Having the appropriate safety equipment in your home is important. If you have a large home more than one smoke alarm is needed. It is also recommended by the NFPA that the smoke alarms be interconnected so that when one alarm goes off they all go off. Smoke alarms need to be replaced at least every 10 years. It is a good practice to test and change the batteries in your smoke alarms to coincide with the time change so that it becomes a habit and easier to remember.

While you are checking your smoke alarm batteries, it is also good to randomly check the cords on your appliances. Checking for frayed cords on your microwave, stove refrigerator, and other appliances can keep a fire from starting.

Watching for signs of electrical issues can also help prevent a fire. Flickering lights, odd smells and constantly blowing fuses can be a sign that something is going on inside your walls. If you notice any of these signs, it is best to contact an electrician as soon as possible to look at the problem.

Hayden’s Story

Hayden is a 32-year-old environmental specialist in Greenbelt, MD. She has lived in her two-story home for the past few years. On the weekends, in the summer she likes to have her friends and family over to enjoy her big backyard.

One summer night, Hayden had family over and sat around the fire pit enjoying the night. As everyone left, she checked to make sure the fire pit was out before going inside, The fire still had some embers burning and with the wind, quickly engulfed the patio furniture.

Hayden was getting ready for bed when she smelled the smoke and looked outside and saw the fire. The patio area where the fire pit was located was close to the house. She hurried outside and called the fire department.

The fire department arrived shortly after and quickly got the fire under control. The fire had damaged a lot of the kitchen and all of the backyard area. Hayden would need to relocate until the full effect of the fire could be determined.

The Inspection

The fire inspector was the first to come to look at the damage. He determined that the fire did start from the fire pit. After looking at the kitchen he gave Hayden a list of things that would need to be looked into before she could move back home.

The electrician and contractor came out to look at the damages next. Hayden decided to research what the repairs would cost. The kitchen remodel was going to cost anywhere between $100,000 to $150,000 depending on what they found when they start to work and the materials used. The backyard and patio repair would add another thousand or two to the total.

The expense of fixing the back patio, rewiring and redoing the kitchen was starting to become overwhelming. Having to relocate during the repairs was starting to add to that total as well.

The Solution

Hayden was starting to feel overwhelmed and trying to get all the inspections and repairs scheduled while trying to work was difficult. She decided to research and see what solutions online he could find that would help.

While researching, Hayden came across Akin Developers. She saw that Akin offers a no-cost, no-obligation offer for homes in almost any condition. Hayden decided to reach out to us and see if Akin could help her. After her initial phone conversation, we set up a meeting to take a look at her home. We met with Hayden and after inspecting her home, we offered a fair price for the home in its current condition, which Hayden accepted. Accepting the offer allowed her to start searching for a new home and restart. Hayden’s house closed in about 14 days.


Fires especially outside can spread quickly. Environmental issues can help the fire spread even quicker.

Smoke damage, health issues, structural damage, loss of property, and displacement are just some of the issues that can arise with home fire damage. Checking your smoke detectors frequently can help minimize the damage. Have a smoke detector above the

door of every bedroom in your home and all other living areas. Get into the habit of checking them with the time change every year. Keep a fire extinguisher in your home and learn how to use it properly. Checking fireplaces and heating systems with the season change. These are all good ways to help prevent fires in your home.

Should you find yourself in Hayden’s situation and need to sell your home quickly for cash-whether with fire damage, electrical issues, structural damage, distress, or in perfect condition-contact us here at Akin Developers and see what we can do for you too.

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