Fire Damaged House in Baltimore, MD- Brandon’s Story

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Fire damage to your home can be devastating. It can lead to expensive repairs, temporary relocation, or even having to rebuild completely. One of the leading causes of house fires is cooking. Leaving a dishtowel near an open flame or a pan left unattended can quickly turn into a dangerous situation.

Portable heaters in your home need to be kept at least 3 feet away from everything. Curtains hanging down, laundry, rugs, and furniture can all catch on fire if the heater is left too close. If you have central heat or gas heating, it is good to have it checked once a year. Getting your heating systems seasonally checked can make sure it stays working probably and safely.

It’s always good to randomly check the cords on your electrical appliances as well. Frayed cords on microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, or any appliance can lead to a fire. Noticing small signs of electrical issues in your home can also help reduce your fire risk. Flickering lights, breakers tripping excessively can both be signs of an electrical issue. Noticing an odd smell or humming can also be a sign of faulty electrical wiring in your walls. This is what happened to Brandon in Baltimore, Maryland.

Brandon’s Story

Brandon is a 58-year-old retired police officer in Baltimore, MD. Brandon, having recently retired, was looking forward to working on his older home and traveling. His house was older and had some needed repairs that Brandon was sure he could handle.

When Brandon would move around his living room, he would notice a weird humming sound. Figuring it was probably coming from a lamp or appliance, he didn’t give it much thought. Just in case he changed the lightbulbs in the lamps and inspected the wires. Soon he started noticing that he was hearing the humming sound in other rooms of his house.

Brandon had also started to notice the faint odor of burning when he walked out his front door. Since it was by the door, he just assumed that it was someone having a barbecue outside. Within a few days though, Brandon’s wall and light switches next to the door started to feel hot to the touch and the burning odor had gotten worse.

Brandon turned off the power to the switches and unplugged everything on that wall. He decided it was time to call in an electrician to inspect the problem.


The electrician came to inspect Brandon’s house. He started with the switches and wall by the front door. Since the house was older, the electricity had not been updated. Connections in the light switch had started to loosen. This had caused the wiring to heat up leading to the burning odor that Brandon had smelled.

While the electrician was working he noticed that several lights in the living room dimmed and flickered. The electrician decided to ask Brandon some more questions. Brandon told him about having to unplug his heater in the dining room before he could use the microwave in the kitchen. If he didn’t unplug the heater first, the fuses would blow.

All the things that Brandon mentioned were signs of faulty wiring in the walls. The electrician did some further inspection and recommended that Brandon have the wiring in his house updated. Rewiring a house is messy. Relocating while the rewiring is being done would mean that it could be done faster and Brandon wouldn’t have to live in the mess.

The electrician also suggested since many of Brandon’s appliances were older, it would be a good idea to replace what he could as well.

Brandon’s Solution

Brandon decided to research the repairs online. He researched all of the repairs and appliances the electrician suggested. In his area and because his house was on the larger side, rewiring could range from 8,000 to 20,000 dollars. Then there was the cost to replace his older refrigerator, stove, and heating furnace. Replacing his heating furnace would add $2,500 to $7,500 to the already mounting repair costs and depending on what refrigerator and stove he choose that could add hundreds or thousands to his total too.

Brandon was starting to feel overwhelmed. These were not the repairs he was thinking he would need to do in his retirement. He decided to research and see what solutions online he could find that would help.

While researching, Brandon came across Akin Developers. He saw that Akin offers a no-cost, no-obligation offer for homes in almost any condition. Brandon decided to reach out to us and see if Akin could help him. After his initial phone conversation, we set up a meeting to take a look at his home. We met with Brandon and after inspecting his home, we offered a fair price for the home in its current condition, which Brandon accepted. Brandon’s house closed in about 15 days. He was able to use the money from the sale of his home to buy a smaller home for his retirement and make travel plans.


Faulty wiring can be hard to see in your walls. If you notice something unusual going on with your lights, odd odors or you have to unplug one appliance to use another, it’s time to call an electrician. These are only a few signs of faulty wiring. If your house is over 25 years old, it’s a good idea to have your wiring checked.

Should you find yourself in Brandon’s situation and need to sell your home quickly for cash-whether with fire damage, electrical issues, structural damage, distress, or in perfect condition-contact us here at Akin Developers and see what we can do for you too.

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