Fixing 1890 building in Bolton Hill, Baltimore MD/ Demolition phase

How to rehab an 1890 property? Eutaw plc Part / Baltimore city

Our team took great care to plan all the phases of work for this project. This property is nearly 5000 sqft and the ceilings are 11 feet, the walls are covered with beautiful textured wallpaper that are remarkably preserved. This Bolton Hill neighborhood in Baltimore is renown to be the historical part of this buzzling city. Our objective is to bring this incredible building into 2021 while keeping the cachet of this era.

Our demolition starts with the bathrooms and the kitchens which we knew had to be changed in order to replace old pipes and old wiring. The debris from just the demos of bathrooms are huge with lots of concrete, lots of metal wiring. It’s also very labor intensive for our crew as each bathroom has to be demolished manually. It took one man a whole week of 48 hours just to demolish one bathroom. The quality and durability of the construction is incredible and very sturdy.

Unfortunately, we will have to open more walls than expected in order to change all the electricity, which means we will lose some areas of textured wallpaper. Once the new walls will be installed, we will cover them with textured wall paper similar to the original. The color scheme of this property is also going to be inspired by the 1890 theme.
This is a great project and we’re very excited to bring value to this Bolton hill house in Baltimore.

To see videos of the BEFORE walkthrough of this Eutaw Pl property follow this link :