Flipping Historical Multi-Units in Bolton Hill Baltimore. Part 5

Flipping Historical Multi-Units in Bolton Hill Baltimore. Part 5

Eutaw Pl is a beautiful street here in the Bolton Hill neighborhood in Baltimore, with rows of majestic 1890 buildings, it conveys a different atmosphere than the rest of the city.
Our project is a historical building that was very well preserved with its 9 impressive fireplaces on 3 floors totaling almost 5000 sqft of living space. This multi unit is a quadruplex separated like this:

  • Basement: 1 studio (will be rented furnish)
  • First floor: This 2 bedrooms and 2 baths apartment feels like a townhouse because it’s split into 2 levels. The tenants of this unit have an incredibly large living room with original stain glasses, a deck, and a recreational room in the basement.
  • 2nd floor: this is 2 beds and 1 bathroom that has a beautiful view front and back in a quiet neighborhood. The Master bedroom has 2 huge closets.
  • 3rd floor: This 2 bedroom and 1 bath apartment oversees the whole neighborhood. The master bedroom has a bookcase and a huge closet.

This building went through important updating, changing and bringing up to code all the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Preserving special features of this era was a daunting task for our team, because of the frailty of some ceilings we had to replace ceilings in some areas like kitchens and dining rooms. This whole project took a team of experts in electrical wiring and HVAC systems to minimize disturbance and prevent more deterioration of beautiful ornaments. This project is a lengthy renovation and so far we’ve been 10 months into it and expect to finish everything at the end of October 2021. Still left to be done: resurfacing the floors, installing kitchen, and the finishing touches.

To see the beginning of the project visit “ How to rehab an 1890 property? Eutaw Pl Part 1/ Baltimore city“

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