Horizontal cracks in Foundation

After having the inspection done on our property we noted: presence of small cracks in the foundation and a ceiling crack in the main living room. Those are evident warning signs that the foundation is failing, to what extent? The demo phase was going to uncover that part for us. A foundation problem is a big problem even when you’re armed with a knowledgeable crew . Removing the wooden panel in the basement uncovered unpredictable surprises for us. The cracks seen outside were actually very minor compared to the huge horizontal cracks that went all the way around half of the basement. The sidewall of the house was actually bowed inward!!!! With the help of a structural engineer and our general contractor, we understood the cause of this foundation issue. The concrete platform on the side of the house was too thick and put huge pressure on the foundation that was made of cinder blocks. With years of rain and water being absorbed by the soil and the cinder blocks, it weakened the side wall creating the bowed walls. Major fixing needed to happen inside and outside. Excavation was needed to remove the pressuring concrete, waterproof exterior wall, and install a draining system. The inside walls cracks were repaired by adding support, filling in the cracks, waterproofing the walls with a sealant. Having been repaired this way, the house is well waterproofed and the foundation is sound and firm to endure for many many years.