How to fix and flip an 1890 property

How to rehab an 1890 property? Eutaw plc Part / Baltimore city

Renovating is always a challenging journey especially when it comes to historical constructions. This property on Eutaw plc is the beautiful prestigious neighborhood of Bolton Hill in Baltimore city. It was built in 1890 with the best craftsmanship of the era, the quality of workmanship and material are outstanding. This now triplex was once a 5000 sqft home of a wealthy family that thrived in Baltimore, each floor has 3 fireplaces, stained glass windows and hardwood floor with intricate patterns. The ceilings are 11 foot high and still have beautiful original crown molding. The walls are adorned with a textured wallpaper that makes an interesting eye catching pattern. This project is about keeping what is so well preserved and replacing what is dated mainly : electricity, plumbing, HVAC, kitchens and bathrooms. It’s very challenging to think about the different spaces that we need to create and ideally without moving walls. Our team spent 3 hours just walking on each floor and finalizing our SOW. This step is very important because all needs to happen in an orderly manner so we stay on schedule and assess all “surprises” as they are coming up. We work closely with a team of experts to make sure that this renovation goes as smoothly as possible.