Major Renovation of a Multi-Units, Baltimore/ Demolition phase

This Multi-Units near Madison Park in Baltimore City is undergoing an incredible journey. As we say at Akin Developers the building has good bones and so with a good measure of love, it will be the jewel of this neighborhood. Baltimore city is renowned for its architectural row houses built more than 100 years ago. This current building is no exception, built-in 1910 it is part of the historical patrimony of Baltimore. Therefore all the renovation plans have to be reviewed  and approved by the Baltimore city historical committee.

Right now the property is going through a massive demolition phase, this is necessary to update the electricity, plumbing, and HVAC systems. We are also reconfiguring the living spaces to create a better flow in each unit. Thus the future tenants will have a very functional apartment with all the conveniences of 2022!

Presently huge debris has been removed and now we can start over on a blank canvas. Preserving the beautiful fireplaces and exposed bricks have been our priority, this will leave the historical character almost intact while bringing in modernity.  

See the beginning of the journey, the property looked tired.

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