Major Renovation Project From Row-House to Multifamily / Baltimore City Real Estate

Akin Developer is so happy to rejuvenate the Reservoir  Hill neighborhood in Baltimore city. This single-family row house is a historical gem with nine fireplaces, a high ceiling, and a 100-year-old original staircase is beautiful. Over the last decades, this property has seen a lot of change going from a single-family home to a multi-family then to a rental rooming house.

This building is going to be transformed into a multi-units hosting 3 apartments. The layout for each unit will be designed to maximize functionality and living space.

Each unit will have its HVAC system, new plumbery, and new electricity. Those units will offer a new kitchen, new bathrooms while enjoying the historical cachet of the building.

Our team is working with an architect and the history department of Baltimore city.


This project resembles our Bolton Hill project and so we rely on past experiences to make the proper scope of work and scheduling.


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