Part 2: Mc Culloh property Baltimore – Case Study

Case Study: McCulloh Property, Baltimore, Part 2

This Triplexes in Reservoir Hill neighborhood in Baltimore city is in demo and framing phase. Because of structural issues, termites damage and fire damage we’re making sure that the structure is well repaired before moving to the next steps. The repairs started in the basement first, proper framing was done to replace the very dangerous rows of posts that were added to support the first floor. The termite damaged joists were replaced and new subfloor added on top (Now, we can actually walk on all the first floor!). On the second floor,the demo of the joists and kitchen floors was necessary to assure proper support. It now looks a bit scary but soon it will also have its new subfloor. Work is progressing at a steady pace and needs to happen in a very orderly manner so we make sure of the quality of work. We’re excited to work in this neighborhood and redevelop this property.