Part 3: Mc Culloh property, Baltimore city

Mc Culloh property, More Bad News???

Do you know of a property that needs major work? Well, this project in Baltimore city in the Reservoir Hill neighborhood, fits that description. After the demolition of parts of the building, our GC had to break the news to us that the whole back wall needed to be demolished !!! This is not what we had hoped for but the structure is unsafe and will not pass inspection. This situation adds to our budget, at this point we’re happy that we use a formula when we purchase the properties and have a contingency repair for cases like this. At Akin Developers we will never compromise on the quality of our products, so this triplex is going to be fixed properly. Work is continuing with a change of plan. We are now thinking about adding square footage at the back of the property. This means the finish apartments will each have 2 bedrooms/ 1 bath instead of the 1bed/1 bath.