Reasons For Evicting Tenants In Greenbelt, MD & What You Can Do

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Needing to evict a tenant is not as uncommon as a person might think. There are tons of reasons to enforce an eviction such as late rent, property damage, or violations of the original contract. The tough part can be when
you are the landlord and now need to understand the proper steps of eviction to stay within your legal boundaries. There’s no “First Time Renter Handbook” with checkboxes for completion so we at Akin Developers have always found the story of Marjorie Ford so interesting because it takes you from her troubles to a final resolution. Keep reading and learn more.

Marjorie Ford: The Full-Time Land-Lord With Age-Old Issues

Akin Developers was approached by Majorie Ford to assist with her ongoing landlord problems. Majorie had been renting out three properties within the Greenbelt, MD area for the last twenty years and at the age of 63, she decided it was time to retire. She was done with the repairs and late payments.

Majorie found herself wanting out due to the lack of unpaid rent and the unforeseen repair costs. Here at Akin Developers’, we understand that every rental agreement plan is unique because needs like Majorie’s need to be tailored to you and your family’s specific needs. We needed to start with the basics and assess each issue individually.

Reasons To Evict A Tenant:


Non-Payment of Rent

The first was eviction for non-payment of rent. In an ideal situation, a tenant pays a landlord an agreed amount of money to occupy a dwelling for a set period. The tenant signs a lease agreement and must abide by the terms of this lease. The terms of the lease can vary from case to case. The most basic responsibility of a tenant under this lease agreement is to pay rent. If the tenant does not pay their monthly rent, they violate the lease agreement.

State laws differ regarding the eviction process for reasons of unpaid rent. In some states, you can initiate the eviction process immediately. In other states, you must first send the tenant a Notice to Pay Rent or Quit. A Notice to Pay Rent or Quit informs the tenant that they have not paid rent and indicates the total amount of rent they owe. The notice notifies your tenant that if they do not remedy the situation immediately, you will begin to file for an eviction. You should also be aware that there are certain situations where a tenant is legally allowed to withhold rent, for example, until a health or safety violation at the property is remedied.


Habitual Late Payment of Rent

The second would be the habitual late payment of rent. In most states, not only can you file to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent, but you can also file for an eviction if the tenant habitually pays their rent late. The exact terms, such as how many days qualify as late rent, vary by state. As stated before you can file for the eviction, you must first send the tenant a Notice to Quit. This Notice must be sent, in some cases, as much as a month before you can file for an eviction. It lets the tenant know they must pay their rent on time or you will file for an eviction. If the tenant makes another late payment after receiving this Notice to Quit, you can then file for the eviction.


Damage of the Property

The third reason is damage to the property. Majorie pointed out that was indeed what put her over the edge as a landlord and had her walk into the doors of Akins Developers. If the tenant damages the property, you can file for an eviction. This damage must be more than normal wear and tear on the property. An example of normal wear and tear would be a couple of stains on a carpet. An example of excessive damage could be a tenant putting a large hole through an exterior wall. It was the excessive scenarios that were causing Majorie undue stress.

The damage must be intentionally caused by the tenant or by their gross negligence. If the tenant does damage the property, they may agree or volunteer to pay to fix the damage. It is then up to you if you want to accept the payment or if you want to go ahead with eviction proceedings. You must file a Notice to Quit before you can initiate eviction proceedings.


Disrupting Other Tenants

The fourth is disrupting other tenants. Now we all know being kind and respectful to our neighbors is ideal but sometimes that’s not always the situation. If the tenant is creating a disturbance and interfering with the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the other tenants in the building, you can file for an eviction. Again, you must first present the tenant with a Notice to Quit.

In the Notice to Quit, you must specify the behavior in question whether it be playing loud music or other disrupting behavior. If the tenant continues the behavior after receiving the Notice to Quit, you can file for the eviction.



The fifth is a holdover. If the tenant refuses to move out after their lease has ended, you can file for an eviction. Many leases automatically switch to month-to-month leases after the initial lease term has ended. In this case, you must present the tenant with a Notice to Quit, which explains that they have an “x” number of days, usually between 30 and 60 days, to move out of the property or you will file for an eviction.

We present Majorie with the idea of allowing Akin Developers to take over
as Tenants by allowing us to buy as investors. There were many beneficial
reasons for Majorie to sell to us.

The first benefit is that the seller of the home can get cash faster. When your house is on the market you have to wait for offers to come and negotiations to take place. This exhausting process can take days, weeks, or even months. For the investor that is buying, the home can be sold below market value. The seller is more than likely just wanting to be rid of the home.

With investors, an offer is typically made within 24 hours. They visit your property, assess what they think it’s worth, and make you an offer. Investors pay cash with no hidden costs.

In like many situations, there are always those pesky hidden fees that come about. By selling to an Investor, a Seller can say goodbye to hidden fees. Realtor fees can be five to six percent while accumulating additional costs for staging your home and taking professional photos.

If you’re looking to get cash fast, then odds are you don’t want to spend unnecessary funds trying to sell your house. Getting you immediate liquidity is why investors play such an integral role in saving you money. They eliminate the need to hire a realtor, removing commission fees, so your money stays in the bank, where it belongs.

The next benefit to selling to an investor is that: more likely than not, your home is not nearly perfect, so, with having an investor taking over your property, you can sell your house in its present condition. This would have been a hardship for Majorie because the previous renters were not leaving the home as they did when they first moved in. The costs alone to have the home where it once was, would have had Majorie in the red and never seeing a profit.

The other dilemma for Majorie was that the homes were not in the ideal location and, in this day and age, location is everything. An investor can alleviate the added headache that comes with worrying about having an “unmarketable” home because of its location. For example, you may have the best house on the block, but if your neighborhood is in a less than ideal location, your granite countertops won’t matter and the location will still bring down the overall value of the home. If you’re close to major highways, you may find yourself with a house that won’t sell. The location alone can deter prospective buyers, causing your property to sit on the market. We presented Majorie with the appeal that the beauty of investors is that they purchase homes in all areas, regardless of location.

When you have had enough of the same old landlord-related issues reach out to Akin Developers. Whether the problem is rent not being paid or repair bills piling higher and higher, we will provide you with the best solutions possible. We will pull you out of the red so you can be saying goodbye to being a Landlord for good.

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